Fewer Meetings,
Better Decisions.

Decido makes collaborative decision-making easy and efficient.

Your time is precious. When you need to make difficult, high-stake business decisions, Decido’s structured argumentation can help. Through improved decision-making, you increase the value of your offerings and organization.

Start making better decisions today!

What is Decido?

Decido is a set of tools that empowers your team to:

  1. Lay out all the aspects of a problem or argument
  2. Include the relevant stakeholders and their input
  3. Arrive at the best possible solution through your combined effort

Avoid inefficient meetings and save on contracts with high-cost consultants. Better tools empower your team to take action and build valuable internal knowledge. This makes work more fun and increases the value you can offer to the world.

Is Decido for You?

Making complex decisions on a daily basis for your business or organization is hard. There may be multiple options, many of which appear beneficial, or conflicting evidence for or against an action. Decido can clear away the mental clutter and help streamline your thought process by allowing you to:

  • Centralize your discussion process so all perspectives are heard and objectively evaluated.
  • Coordinate with your colleagues, stakeholders, and other organization members in a logical, structured environment.
  • Prioritize what’s most important and filter out the rest.
  • Weigh options against each other for optimal clarity.

Decido removes the chaos so you can think clearly and strike while the iron is hot.

Benefits of Better Decision Making Tools

Keep Your Money

Decido helps you save on costs associated with traditional meetings and expensive consultants, all while achieving the same goals.

Async & Real-Time Collaboration

Decido makes it easy to leverage your team, for the best conclusion with the least amount of time and money spent.

Increased Efficiency

You’ll come to better decisions, faster, while streamlining your business.

Increased Accountability

All your content is archived for future reference. This increases the transparency of your organization and create a precedent for future follow-up and training.

Access Anywhere

With our cloud based platform you never have to worry about complex software policies or complicated installations. Decido is easy to use and easier to love.

Put an End to Endless Meetings and Discussions

Decido is here to support your best decision-making through a delightful, functional interface that keeps things simple so that you can stay confident. Ready to be your own best advocate and make better choices?